Rainbow Tots

About us.....

Rainbow Tots is a parent/carer, baby and toddler group started in 2008 by St Andrews Church.

We meet during term time on Tuesday mornings from 10am to 11.30am, at Aldeburgh Community Centre, and the charge is £3 per session. 

Each week we set up an array of activities for our babies and toddlers (up to about three and a half years old) to explore and enjoy. These range from toys on a colourful 'rainbow' foam mat, sand pit, tent with balls, tent to 'make' home', ride on trikes and tractor, a slide, painting and gluing, jigsaws, books, car mat, and also singing and signing, etc. The children and their parent (yes, sometimes Dads, sometimes Grandparents, sometimes a Carer) are welcomed at the door, and off they go to meet their friends and explore.

We encourage children to enjoy the outdoor world, especially the youngsters who do not have gardens of their own. Please bring wellies as well as indoor shoes so that we can play where ever is best, regardless of the weather.

We celebrate a different colour every week, which is reflected at 'feast' half way through the morning. We enjoy bananas, raspberries, tomatoes, as well as jammy dodgers, pink wafers etc. The tots are encouraged to 'sit' to eat and during this time any paintings already done are admired and praised.

We have a 'sensible' and 'realistic' approach to flu and other illnesses, realising that a happy, mobile and energetic group such as this cannot be protected except by any child or parent feeling 'off colour' remaining away till symptoms have passed, and if contact has been made with definite diagnosed sufferers to steer clear for the recommended time.  We have removed all soft toys and endeavour to be vigilant with the cleanliness of apparatus, the mat and other toys provided. Parents must bring their own 'hand washing' gel for use before 'feast'. There will be some available if forgotten.

We finish each week with singing and if the children are in high spirits we attempt a 'parachute' game or 'band'. It is all very informal, hopefully relaxed, and fun for all who come. If you would like to visit and enjoy a cup of coffee with us you are most welcome and how grateful we are to 'helpers' who have turned up each week to boil the kettle and serve all the grown-ups with drinks.

We look forward to welcoming all who have supported us in the past and to meeting any new parents and children 3 years and under who would like to join us.

We thank all who have supported us and in particular the Rector, Rev Christine Brooks and our other friends from Aldringham Church. Why not join us.


Tuesdays from 10-11.30am at Aldeburgh Community Centre

Extra help needed to make tea and coffee,
or just chatting to the mums who come.

If you are willing to assist please contact
Ms Anja Shaw - 453295

Please contact me for further details.

Ms Anja Shaw - 453295