Parish Map - Places of Interest

A designated Conservation Area, the village of Thorpeness includes many interesting features and a number of Listed Buildings. Local architect, artist and poet Cecil Howard Lay was born at Aldringham School House in 1885 during the 40 years when his father was Schoolmaster. Cecil Lay grew up in Aldringham and returned to the village after the first World War. Buildings he designed are scattered around the area.

There's a link below to a Google Map which shows places of interest in the Parish, many of them mentioned or pictured on the website.

This Key may be of use. Click on an icon on the map for a description on the left side.
Buildings designed by Cecil H Lay
Buildings of interest in Thorpeness
Barrows or Tumuli
Other buildings of note Pub, Restaurant or Cafe
Larger areas of interest Car Park

Use this link to see a Google Map of the Parish (the symbols may take a few seconds to display). The map seems to work better if you zoom in, and it's interesting to see it using Google Earth (click on 'Earth' square, bottom left) where you can zoom in on the place of interest.

You can find details of Listed Buildings and Monuments in the Parish on the Historic England website and the British Listed Buildings website by using the Search facility on the sites to find Aldringham-cum-Thorpe.

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