1. Art Lectures - Spring 2017

    By Bill Crow on December 12th, 2016

    Thorpeness Art Group Spring 2017 Programme At present the programme of five lectures will cover the lives and works of the artists in the Bloomsbury Group and friends including Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, Roger Fry, Dora Carrington and Augustus John. …

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  2. Bill Crow’s Beach Clean scoops up a Couple of Ton

    By Bill Crow on December 12th, 2016

    Thorpeness’s indomitable Beach Clean pioneer Bill Crow was joined by District and Parish Councillor Maureen Jones for the presentation of a cheque for £200 from Dan Wareing, the District Council’s Assistant Waste Management Officer at The …

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  3. ImpACT - Improving Aldringham Community Team

    By Louise Chadwick on November 23rd, 2016

    We are a group of Aldringham Residents recently formed with a view to improving the profile of Aldringham and attempt to address any issues and plans for our small community. Do you have any thoughts or ideas for Aldringham that could improve the …

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  4. Mischief on The Meare

    By Louise Chadwick on October 27th, 2016

    William (Bill) Crow M.A. is an art historian, art journalist and consummate art lecturer. His recent book, My Dear Big O - Portrait of a Portrait, is an analysis of the illustrated correspondence between Sir William Orpen, A.R.A. and G. Stuart …

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  5. Everything in the garden was lovely

    By Pippa McLardy on August 8th, 2016

    Around 39 Aldringham cum Thorpe Good Neighbours Scheme users and volunteers made the most of a warm and sunny day on July 6th at the now traditional Garden Party, held this year at Birch Tree Lodge in Aldringham, home of Harry and Biddy Barclay. …

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  6. Can you help with some Parish History?

    By Louise Chadwick on July 5th, 2016

    Through the website Shirley Dodd-Clark has asked if anyone can add to some Parish and family history. Please let us know if you can. Her enquiry follows: I grew up in Aldringham. I live in Wales now and my mother who is nearly 87 lives with me. She …

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  7. Thorpeness Art Group Gourmet Art Lunches

    By Bill Crow on May 19th, 2016

    One of the more light hearted reasons for belonging to this group of passionate art enthusiasts is the innovation of the Gourmet Art Lunch.  So far in this past twelve months Chris Theobald the Head Chef at The Dolphin Inn has cooked up two feasts …

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  8. New Thatch for the Old Barn

    By Bill Crow on April 23rd, 2016

    Well, you could have knocked it down with a feather.  The venerable thatched barn in Old Homes Road, Thorpeness was seemingly in its last decade.  The once grand old lady looked so tired and fragile just waiting for a high wind to blow it away and …

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  9. Thorpeness 2016 Beach Clean & Village Clean For The Queen

    By Bill Crow on April 22nd, 2016

    True to form on the morning of Good Friday, 25 March the skies cleared the wind dropped and around 40 to 50 villagers, second home owners, and occasional visitors gathered in the sunshine at The Dolphin Inn for the 13th Annual Beach Clean.  The …

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  10. Save on Heating Oil with Community Bulk Buying & Receive Support during Power Cuts

    By SCC, Community Action Suffolk & UK Power Networks on January 1st, 2016

    Save Time & Money by Buying Heating Oil through a Community Bulk Buying Scheme If you are one of 50,000 households in Suffolk which is off the mains gas network, Community Action Suffolk (CAS) could be saving you money on your heating bill. CAS …

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