Aldringham Common & a year of impACT

Aldringham Common

Under the guidance of Hans and Helen Lange, work on the Common has been carried out by ImpACT volunteers and Council members to clear overgrown areas of the Common and Aldringham Green. To those who do not know it, Aldringham Common is the area of gorse, heather and bracken shaded by native trees between the old vicarage, the old school and the cottages on Thorpe Road. It is criss-crossed by numerous footpaths and is a veritable maze in which to get lost in the beauty of old oaks and Scots pines. In recent years it has become overgrown by the encroaching gorse and bracken and the footpaths almost lost. Thanks to Hans’ wonderful tractor and its many attachments, combined with our small team of helpers, the paths have been opened up, and are now the ‘arteries’ of the common. It is a wonderful place, especially in the early evening. Enjoy, everybody!

A year of ImpACT

It has been a year since ImpACT was formed by a small group of Aldringham residents to address village issues and attempt to engender some sort of community spirit. In that year we have achieved some successes, sometimes partial, and organised a number of events which have been well attended and enjoyed by those living in the village and its environs.

We have organised the following events:

1 A very wet New Year’s Day walk followed by a lunch afterwards.

2 A well-attended Easter Monday Circular walk with childrens’ quiz ending up at Mill Green for food and Easter Egg Hunt .

3 The Jo Cox gathering on the Green where many attended from our village and surrounding areas, with singing groups and childrens’ games on a sweltering summer’s day.

4 Creation of a wild flower meadow on the green which we hope you will continue to enjoy.

5 The clearing of overgrown footpaths that cross Aldringham Common and removal of gorse and bracken that have choked the communal areas.

6 Agitating Suffolk Coastal Highways Department on the appalling state of the Aldringham Lane footpath and encroaching hedges, which is now passable. We are still agitating them for better maintenance at the moment.

7 Restoration of the Winifred Moss Memorial Bench on Mill Green and repairs to others.

8 Extensive lobbying of the Highways Department on the speeding issue through the village with partial success, but we still look to move the 30mph limit to the village limit.

9 Success with Highways eventually with a new village sign on the Aldringham Lane approach. 

We, as a Group, hope that these are achievements and events that meet the approval of the village, and that we can continue through the coming year.

By William Searle, impACT - Improving Aldringham Community Team on June 29th, 2017

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