An improved Aldringham Lane!

Have you noticed the improvements to Aldringham Lane? It is now possible for everyone, including wheelchair users and mothers with pushchairs, to use the footpath from Aldringham to Knodishall without hindrance from overhead branches or being forced on to the grass.

Through continued pressure from ImpACT members on Suffolk Coastal Highways, Russell Cooper Local Gardens and Scenes were engaged to clear the overgrown footway. This is a voluntary organisation and we were lucky enough to be assigned Robert Clarke and his wife and son who worked assiduously through December, and even Boxing Day, to give us a wonderful job. Now walking to Knodishall out of daylight hours is no longer a perilous expedition.

We are sure that all Aldringham residents would like to give them a hearty vote of thanks for all their efforts. We especially liked the tinsel on the bench over Christmas! Well done The Clarkes!

By ImpACT ( Improving Aldringham Community Team) on March 22nd, 2017

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