Bill Crow’s Beach Clean scoops up a Couple of Ton

Thorpeness’s indomitable Beach Clean pioneer Bill Crow was joined by District and Parish Councillor Maureen Jones for the presentation of a cheque for £200 from Dan Wareing, the District Council’s Assistant Waste Management Officer at The Dolphin in Thorpeness on November 14th.

Bill’s legendary Beach Clean, which took place as usual on Good Friday this year, qualified for a £20 contribution from the DC’s Love East Suffolk litter pick scheme, and was automatically entered for a draw to win £200 – one from each of nine neighbourhood districts – and won. Bill handed over the cheque to the Parish Council in the hopes they can find a good litter-related use for it.

This year’s Beach Clean was the 13th annual event, and expanded its scope to encompass other areas of the village. Maureen Jones followed it up with another ‘Clean for the Queen’ effort in April around Thorpeness.

Bill says the Beach Clean is now one of the biggest of its type in East Suffolk and has become a social event not to be missed in some family calendars. Local businesses including Bedfords estate agency, T and A Hotels and holiday letting agency Best of Suffolk sponsor the event, contributing towards refreshments at The Dolphin for the litter pickers.

“One family including parents, grandparents and children comes from Harwich every year to join in,” he said. “We always give out prizes for the most unusual finds, some of which are incorporated into very imaginative stories, and we tend to concentrate on encouraging the children who take part. I like to think if we catch them at a young age, we can mould them into becoming more responsible citizens as they grow older.”

Bill’s 14th Annual Beach Clean will take place on Good Friday April 14th in 2017 leaving from and returning to The Dolphin. Bill has said he hopes to be heading the effort for the next six years, but anticipates hanging up his litter-picker after that.

In the meantime –

COMPETITION - Name The Beach Clean

Can you think of an eye-catching name for the annual Beach Clean? Bill will choose his favourite and there will be a prize for the successful copywriter.

Bill Crow - 01728 454641 -

By Bill Crow on December 12th, 2016

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