Can you help with some Parish History?

Through the website Shirley Dodd-Clark has asked if anyone can add to some Parish and family history. Please let us know if you can. Her enquiry follows:

I grew up in Aldringham. I live in Wales now and my mother who is nearly 87 lives with me. She is often relating stories from the war and her young life growing up in Thorpness and Aldringham. I am trying to piece together events for her. As a young girl she and her family were bombed out of their house, the Shellpits, Thorpeness and evacuated to the Uplands. If anyone has any details of this, please could you forward them to me.

If you know anything about the bombing or evacuation to the Uplands please will you add a comment below, or email the website -

By Louise Chadwick on July 5th, 2016

Categories: history & heritage

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