Have you heard........ that Thorpeness and Aldringham have started a Heritage Group?

For some while people in the two villages had been talking about forming a heritage group, so last year they got together and the Thorpeness and Aldringham Heritage Group was born. Val Allport was our original chairperson but after her untimely death last summer the job has been taken on by Arthur Day. Our aim is to preserve as much of the history of the two villages as possible, both in oral histories (done with the aid of an audio recorder) and also with artefacts, when we get somewhere to display them.

Our ultimate aim is to have a heritage building open to the public and filled with displays of local interest. For the immediate future however we are producing some interpretive boards that will be strategically placed around Thorpeness, and some leaflets for the local tourist board.

We have been busy holding talks and film shows to raise funds for this, mainly in The Dolphin thanks to David James. As time has gone on these talks etc. have become very popular, so more of them are being planned for the future. Some of the talks have been given by local people with an interesting story to tell of life in the two villages, they are often accompanied by slides - further illustrating life as it was in a bygone age.

So if you are interested and would like to support us we have a Membership with a small joining fee of £5 for 1 person and £10 for 2 people/family. This will give you prior notice of any forthcoming events and a newsletter which will initially be twice a year to let you know what we are up to.

If you would like to support us by becoming a member please phone me, Sue Atkinson, on Leiston 830497 for details.

By Sue Atkinson on March 24th, 2015

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