Pristine Pavements in Aldringham

Manicured Aldeburgh Road!

If you walk along the Aldeburgh Road, south from the Parrot & Punchbowl you can’t have failed to see the fantastic job being done to clear the vegetation and re-expose buried edges of pavements.

Thanks and appreciation must go to Russell Cooper, a full time gardener from Leiston, who gives up his time in the evenings to make our village more beautiful. He and his helpers, Terry Friend, Carol Newton and Santorini Delaporte cleared the bus stop area near the pub, and they’re steadily making their way south along the roadside. So far, Russell’s strimmed the vegetation on the east side of the road as far as Gypsy Lane and I believe is going further.  He’s done an excellent job clearing right back to fences and hedges, and is in the process of digging the dirt from the “edge” (about a third of the width!) of the pavement.

No more nettles, no more stings!


Russell and his helpers including sister, Christine Biggs, voluntarily clear paths and other areas in and around Leiston and Sizewell as well here. It’s amazing these people donate their time and energy, using their own tools, for our benefit.

Thank you Russell, and thanks to all your helpers.



All Clear!


... A few days later ...
Kevin, from Aldringham, helped Russell clear mud and muck from both sides of the path near Gypsy Lane. All of the rubbish has been removed and the footpath is clear – suddenly we can walk two abreast and not get muddy shoes or stung by nettles! It’s wonderful. Thank you Russell!




Russell taking a well earned breather on Sunday evening in Aldeburgh Road, also being spruced up!


If you'd like to give Russell a hand (which he'd appreciate) you can find him on the pavements in the evening and Facebook at other times!

By Louise Chadwick & Aldringham Residents on July 14th, 2017

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