Thorpeness 14th Annual Beach & Village Clean 14 April 2017

Much against expectations on a bright but cold morning a record crowd of volunteers, numbering an estimated 130 plus, arrived at The Dolphin Inn to undertake the 14th Annual Beach & Village Clean. This was way over our expectations. We confidently predicted sixty perhaps seventy but not nearly double that number. We quickly ran out of litter pickers, sacks and rubber gloves and had to make do from domestic stocks.

Nothing dented the enthusiasm of the 'Thorpeness Beach Baggers' who collected fifty bags of rubbish and then settled down to wine, cheese and BBQ sausages and general post-scrub-up jollification all by courtesy of The Dolphin In and Bedfords Estate Agents. Our record turnout might, also be a record for any small village in Suffolk, even the British Isles? We must be doing something right.

By Bill & Deborah Crow, The Thorpeness Beach Baggers and the residents of Thorpeness on April 17th, 2017

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