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Following their successful Open Day last month, Thorpeness Croquet Club have been kept busy welcoming new members and introducing them to the pleasures and challenges of the game.

Membership levels are now at an all time high since the Club was established on the Thorpeness Sports Ground last year.

Croquet needs skill and tactics rather than brute strength, so men and women, young and old, play on equal terms.

For anyone wishing to play competitively, there's an effective handicapping system that allows beginners to hold their own against much better players.

Club days are on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons when you will usually find others to play with but members can also arrange games on any day they choose.

Membership fees are very reasonable and prospective members get two free taster sessions before they choose whether to join.

The club organises its own tournaments through the season and plays against other clubs in a local league but competing is not compulsory. Many of our members just play socially for fun.

To find out more, please visit

Or contact :

Andrew Paris on 01728 833673 -

Colin Hart on 07495 364399 -


By Colin Hart on June 27th, 2017

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