News from ImpACT (Aldringham Community Team)

Aldringham Common

Summer has been a quiet time for the members of ImpACT, what with holidays and other distractions. Work has continued on Aldringham Common and now all footpaths and thoroughfares are fully open for walkers. The bracken has been cut back and there was a great display of heather. We will aim to keep this amenity in check in the coming year, so many thanks to all volunteers, including Council members, who helped in this.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Centenary

As we will all probably know this year was the centenary of the death of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson – the pioneer of Women’s Medicine and the first woman to qualify as a physician and surgeon.

To celebrate this one of our members, Jill Hubbard, wrote a Musical play, The Charge of the Parasols, which was performed at the Long Shop over two nights in October. The play charted Elizabeth’s life, from her upbringing in the early years in her father’s pawnshop in Whitechapel, through her struggles to be accepted as a medical student, to her success in founding the London School of Medicine for Women.

The cast, with ages ranging from seven to eighty, was drawn mostly from Aldringham and Thorpeness, many taking multiple roles and included ImpACT members. The production was rehearsed over a six month period and the music and acting was outstanding. Both nights at the Long Shop were sold out and was a triumph for all, and over £1,000 was raised for the museum.

Look out for future productions next year. Well done Jill and her cast!

Christmas Carols on the Green

As Christmas comes round, we are delighted to announce the Annual Carols on the Green will be held on December 12th at 18.00 with mince pies and mulled wine at the Parrot afterwards. All are invited and we hope to top our record attendance of last year. 

We look forward to seeing everyone and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.