Nautilus Interconnector is a proposed connection between Great Britian and Belgium that will provide enough electricity to supply around 1.4 million UK homes. This connection will include underground cabling works and onshore infrastructure located in East Suffolk.

More information can be found on the National Grid website.

Latest News :

7th September, 2022
SCC response in respect of the NGV Nautilus MPI non-statutory consultation

14th June, 2022
Non-statutory Consultation Feedback Summary

National Grid Ventures held a non-statutory public consultation on the proposed Nautilus Interconnector project between Tuesday 14 September and Tuesday 26 October 2022. Following the close of our public consultation we have reviewed all feedback received and summarised this in our Consultation Summary (May 2022) which is attached and will be available on our website via the following link:  

29th October, 2021

Dr Terese Coffey's response to NGV's consultation on proposals for the Nautilus Interconnector

28th September, 2021
Nautilus Interconnector Events: Tuesday 28th September, Wednesday 29th September, Thursday 30th September and Friday 1st October

These events are being held by National Grid Ventures with regards to Nautilus Interconnector.  All dates as follows: 

1. Leiston (Tuesday 28 September - 4pm to 8pm - Leiston Community Centre, King George’s Avenue, Leiston, Suffolk, IP16 4JX); 

2. Friston (Wednesday 29 September - 10am to 2pm - Friston Village Hall, Church Road, Friston, Suffolk, IP17 1PU); 

3. Thorpeness (Thursday 30 September - 4pm to 8pm - Thorpeness Pavilion, Thorpe Road, Thorpeness, Suffolk, IP16 4FD); and 

4. Saxmundham (Friday 1st October - 10am to 2pm - Saxmundham Market Hall, High St, Saxmundham IP17 1AF).

13th September, 2021
Nautilus Interconnector: Public Consultation 

As you may be aware, National Grid Ventures is bringing forward proposals for Nautilus Interconnector close to Leiston in East Suffolk. This new multi-purpose interconnector would enable the connection of up to 1.4 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind in the UK and Belgium (with a total of 2.8 GW), powering up to 1.4 million homes in the UK and 1.4 million homes in Belgium. 

By combining offshore wind generation with interconnector capacity between the UK and Belgium, Nautilus would significantly reduce the amount of infrastructure and disruption required in both the marine and onshore environment. With this change in technology, we would also be able to reduce the impact on the affected communities and environment, as well as support the UK achieve its targets for Offshore Wind and Net Zero. We are already working closely with the other developers in the area in order to coordinate our activities and minimise the impacts on the local communities. We believe that through improved coordination, the UK government can achieve and support the co-existence of renewable energy with coastal communities.

The project team at Nautilus have been engaging with Local Authorities and Parish Councils since 2019, and on 14 September we will be launching a public consultation, which will run for six weeks, closing on 26 October. Our consultation will feature both face-to-face and digital engagement, including four community drop-in sessions in East Suffolk. 

In advance of this, we have produced a briefing pack. In this you will find some further details on our vision for Nautilus, our current siting and routeing options and how to get involved and provide feedback as part of the upcoming consultation. 

29th April, 2021
Proposed Nautilus Interconnector - Project Update Document

6th May, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions - Updated May 2020.