Bertie West

Bertie joined the navy at age 15 and served 14 years, marrying Mabel Louise Kemp on discharge - there is a photograph of her on the Emma West (née Bennett) page.

Sadly Bertie died relatively young, aged just 47.

Bertie West, 1913


Bertie West, 1916




This is a photo of Robert Wilson, born 1896, (HMS Ganges) on the left,
Thomas Knights, born 19 June, 1894 is seated in the centre, and
George Knights, born 1898, (naval) is standing on the right.

The photograph was with Emma Jackson's ancestors belongings. They were friends of Bertie West and all lived in Barrack Row (Smyth Cottages) in Thorpeness. Emma guesses her ancestors had it because the families were close.