Daughters of Emma & George West

Three of the West children died in childhood, with Charles dying in particularly tragic circumstances.

The remaining children Emma, Florence, Ruth, Bertie and Flossie survived into adulthood and seemed to have adventurous spirits because all of them apart from Flossie left the small Hamlet of Thorpeness.

Photographs of the West daughters and some information about them follow. There are separate pages relating to Charles and Bertie.




Emma moved to Hendon as a domestic servant, married and lived to 84.

This portrait of Emma was taken
circa 1913.




Florence also went into service in Tottenham, married, and died in 1945 aged 56, while living in Battersea.

This portrait of Florence was taken circa 1914.




Ruth followed her sisters into domestic service and to the city of London. She married and also lived to her 84th year.

The portrait of Ruth West was taken
circa 1913.



Flossie Jane West (Emma Jackson's Great Grandmother) was born 28 June 1899, the youngest of the West children, and the last left at home once Bertie joined the Navy. Perhaps this is what made her stay in the village all her life instead of moving away like her brothers and sisters before her.

This portrait of Flossie was taken circa 1917.