Sheila Block Family Photos

Sheila Block grew up in the Thorpeness area. Sadly she has now passed away. Her granddaughter, Emma Jackson, wonders whether you can shed any light on these family history photographs, believed to have been taken locally.

If you can help with names, dates they were taken or know anything else about the photographs please either leave a comment below or send an email to the parish website address:


Photo of Block Family

Emma Jackson believes she has identified these young men as, left to right, Robert Horatio BlockWilliam Osborne BlockEdward Block and the man in uniform on the chair to be Ernest George Block. Can you confirm this?


Photo of Block Family

Do you know anything about this photograph of a Scout Group? Do you know what uniform the man is wearing? Is it that of a railway worker? It's believed that William Osborne Block is sitting second from the left at the front. Is that correct? Do you know who anyone else is?


Photo of Block FamilyDo you know anything about this military group? Why was it taken? Why is everyone in army uniform except for the man in the centre at the front in navy uniform? Is it all the local boys ready for war? William Osborne Block is probably the man at the back in the centre. Can you identify any of the other young men?

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