The West & Block Families of Thorpeness

In 2012 Emma Jackson, who was researching her family from Thorpeness, sent some photographs for the website asking whether anyone could identify unknown individuals. She's continuing her investigations, uncovering much more, and has contributed a potted partial family history and tree to the website. Thank you Emma.

You can see photographs and information relating to the family from the bold green links below.

Great, Great Grandparents
Emma G Bennett

(born 1858 - Butley
died 1934 - Thorpeness)




George West

(born 1856 - Friston
died 1924 - Thorpeness)
Emma & George West had eight children, including four daughters. However only six children are known to Great, Great Granddaughter, Emma.
Charles William
Emma Marie
Florence Mary
Ruth Jemima
Bertie George
Flossie Jane


Great Grandparents
Flossie Jane West

(born 28 June 1899 - Thorpeness)



summer 1921

William Osborne Block

Flossie & William had five children:
Florence May Douglas Sheila Jane Geoff Gillian
Sheila Jane Block

(born 1919  - Thorpeness )





2 August 1952

Leslie Gordon Brown

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