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Would You Like To Be Involved?

We still have two vacancies on the Parish Council and there is a chance to get involved with the Neighbourhood Plan. If you feel you would like to contribute to the community in either of these roles please give me a call or talk to one of the other councillors or a member of the NP team. Also, help is needed in Aldringham to work on the Parish Emergency plan. Are you interested?

Eric Atkinson, Chairman, Aldringham-cum-Thorpe Parish Council.

Parish Council Meetings

Photo of Ogilvie Sports Pavilion

The Pavilion, Oglivie Sports Ground

The Parish Council meets 10 times a year. Meetings will take place in either the Tower Meeting Room, Thorpeness Almshouses or at the Pavilion, Ogilvie Sports Ground, Thorpeness. Meetings begin at 7.00pm and the location of each meeting will be shown below when the Agenda is published.

There is a 10 minute Open Forum at the beginning of each meeting during which parishioners can raise relevant subjects for discussion and consideration by the Council.

Photo of Thorpeness Almshouses

Thorpeness Almshouses

Dates of meetings for 2017

Monday 9th January
Monday 6th February
Monday 6th March - Annual Parish Meeting
Monday 3rd April
Monday 8th May - Annual Parish Council Meeting
Monday 19th June
Monday 31st July
Monday 4th September
Monday 16th October
Monday 27th November

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas for Parish Council meetings will normally be published on the Saturday afternoon before the meeting. The Agenda for the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 19 June 2017 is now available. This meeting will be held in the Pavilion, Thorpeness Sports Ground. Agendas for earlier meetings can be found here.

Minutes of Meetings can be seen from the lists on the left. We will endeavour to publish Unapproved Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting on the website before the next meeting. When the Minutes of the latest Meeting are shown on the left prior to the date of the next Meeting they are not yet approved.

If you would like to see the Minutes or Agendas from earlier meetings than are published here please email the website at

N.B. The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting in 2015 are the latest to have been approved, one year later than the actual meeting. The Minutes for the Annual Parish Meeting in March 2016 will be published after approval at the Annual Parish Meeting in March 2017.

Parish Council Update April 2017

Neighbourhood Plan
Aldringham cum Thorpe Parish Council has started work on a Neighbourhood Plan and a Steering Group has been established to move things forward. With the new year we have started to look at the aspirations, ideas and concerns raised last year and how they can be taken forward and inform further consultation to be carried out during the coming year, before a questionnaire can be presented to the Parish. This will be an opportunity for everyone in the Parish to have a say as to how important particular issues are to them. There were a number of things raised that were not relevant to a Neighbourhood plan, but no less import to the parish, these items will be included in an updated Parish Plan which was first produced in 2006.

Read more about the Neighbourhood Plan, including what a Neighbourhood Plan is, how to get involved, documents relating to the formal process for developing the plan, a draft Vision & Objectives Statement and much more.

The parish council has dealt with eight planning applications since the last newsletter one of which was not supported. Details of current applications can be found on the Planning Applications page with links to the applications on SCDC’s website.

The results of the review of SCDC’s Site Allocation and Area Specific Policies- Proposed Submissions Document have now been published confirming the inspector did not recommend any changes to the plan regarding the inclusion of Site SSP4 - the area of land in Aldringham east of Aldeburgh Road and South of the driveway to Aldringham House. This was despite strong representation from the Parish Council, and a number of Parishioners. The Site Allocation and Area Specific Policies has now been issued by SCDC. Although I believe in this fast-changing world SCDC are starting a new review of the Local Plan and its supporting documentation, which I am sure will lead to the identification of more houses to be built in the District over the next 15 years.

With regard to the land in Thorpeness west of Old Homes Road, as many of you will have seen, work has started on clearing the area and the developer tells me he hopes work will start on the ten new homes in April. Orwell housing have shown the Parish Council and residents at the Thorpeness Almshouse, an outline proposal to build an additional 16 dwellings in a similar style to the existing building at the back of the Almshouses where the gardens are currently located.

Coastal Path
Work on the route of the around England coastal path has now been completed in our parish and GPS mapping of the route is now being carried out before the details are published for consultation in the next couple of months.

Business and Tourism
A parish heritage group was formed in 2014 to collect local history and ultimately it is hoped, develop a Heritage Centre - read about the Thorpeness and Aldringham Heritage Group from the Community Groups page in the About the Parish section of the website.

The Ogilvie Pavilion and Sports Ground facility is managed by The Ogilvie Pavilion and Sports Ground Charity (CIO) which has been established to provide sporting and community facilities for use by people of the surrounding area. Read more about the Ogilvie Pavilion and Sports Ground, in the About the Parish section of the website.

Eric Atkinson,
Chairman, Aldringham-cum-Thorpe Parish Council

Parish Council's Response to EDF's Sizewell C Stage 2 Consultation

A number of Councillors attended the numerous meetings and drop in events which were held during the Sizewell C Stage 2 consultation process before the Parish Council submitted its response to the consultation at the beginning of February 2017. The response gave a particular focus on legacy and benefit which seems to be largely absent from EDF’s current thinking. Suffolk Coastal District Council provided their own response, emphasising their disappointment at the lack of information EDF have provided.

Read the Parish Council's response here. Responses from other interested parties, including that of SCDC, can be read on the Sizewell C page.

Local Authorities

Details of District and County Councillors and Local Authorities can be found on the Useful Information page.

Have you seen the latest Parish Newsletter?

Parish Plan & Action Plan

Hedgerow Survey Group

Parish Emergency Plan - to be published at a later date.

Sadly, in August 2014, Val Allport died suddenly while holidaying in Australia. A Parish Councillor, and much more, she was a true Thorpeness Villager and is much missed. These words commemorate her life.

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Minutes of 2016-2017 Parish Council Meetings

View or Download Minutes of Parish Council Meetings. If the date of the Meeting on the Minutes is before the date of the next Meeting they are Unapproved.